Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2012 was the year that I ran my first obstacle course race (OCR). 2012 was the year that I started to get back into shape for the first time in more than a decade. I'm not one to make a New Year's resolutions because I'm horrible at keeping them. All I'm going to do is make myself a promise to keep up the good work!

My original goal was to sign up for one OCR per month. So far I have five on the calendar, with three more on the horizon. That will cover January, April through September, and November. The winter months are not exactly popular times for OCR here in New England, but that's beginning to change! I'm running the Blizzard Blast at the end of January. I hope other race promoters see how popular this is and get a few more going during the winter months.

2013 will still be a year of firsts though: My first Tough Mudder. My first Spartan. Well, actually two Spartans because I'm doing a Sprint in August and the Fenway Time Trial in November.

Out of all the firsts in 2013, the one closest to my heart: This year will be the first time my amazing wife runs with me! I don't care about our course time. We will both finish. Together. Hand in hand.

In terms of my training, my focus will  be more on strength training and a little less on running. I finally had to admit to myself that it will be a while before I can run a seven minute mile for more than a very short time. I just don't have the twitch muscles for it yet. But the thing that hurt me the most in the various OCRs in was raw strength and power. My new circuit reflects that mindset. I used to lift weights based on the three-day cycle found in The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. I'm modifying that to work with TRX.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I bought a TRX suspension trainer. That was probably one of the best fitness purchases I have ever made! Once I firm up my workout rotation I will post it here for others to follow. I won't say it's right for everyone, but it might provide a starting point for others who are interested in trying this amazingly simple piece of equipment.

Good luck to everyone in 2013! I'll see you on the race course...

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